About this site

Clay by clay is my online notebook for all my pottery hobby things, resources, and lessons.

I started practicing pottery in 2014 when I was having a terrible time with work. I was working with a career counselor and she suggested I “find a hobby.” (She said it in a nice way). I was so resistant to this idea (“I AM TOO BUSY,” I insisted), that the counselor gave me a deadline by which I had to have a hobby.

Then of course it was the day before my deadline and I was still hobby-less. Driving home, I passed Bitter Root Pottery and saw their sign advertising classes. I pulled over and signed up for that evening’s class. I built a vase by hand and then made a total mess on the wheel (sorry to the lady I flung clay on!). It was frustrating and fun and my teacher, Lina, was so incredibly patient and nice. (She has her own studio now called Good Dirt LA).

But the most important thing was that I found something I liked to do, I did it badly, and it didn’t matter. I got through my work problems too, and today I have my own business that makes me very happy. Now I practice at the Pottery Studio, and I hardly ever fling clay anymore.

– Julie Lacouture