Learning the basics of pottery

Pottery gif! A selection of my first few pottery creations.

When I first started, I visited the pottery studio every day, so in my first two months I spent at least 100 hours practicing or watching videos about throwing pots on the wheel. I was mostly working on centering my clay, trying to pull the sides up, and transferring the bowls off the wheel. Since I was going every day, I was also getting a sense of how long the clay took to dry.

Today I went through my pictures of my first few creations and saw my early progression.

I started with these low thick bowls with wide set feet. Then they got taller and I treated the clay like I was cupping a precious baby chick in my hand, so they curve in at the top (and the bottoms are still pretty heavy). Finally, I got better at pulling up the sides and shaping the bowls. Progress!


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